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Kiln dried logs are not carbon neutral!!!

By June 30, 2017July 6th, 2017No Comments

Delamere Logs use the old fashioned method of letting time do the seasoning, enabling fresh cut logs to dry to 15-20% moisture content over a period of 12 months or more.  Our aim is to source the majority of timber from either our own woodlands or from local woodlands within a 10 mile radius of Delamere, minimising the transport required to haul them from woodland to yard for cutting and seasoning.  This all keeps the carbon footprint of the timber to an absolute minimum.

Compare this to many other suppliers offering either imported timber from Latvia and alike or even offering Kiln dried locally sourced logs, the misconception that all logs are carbon neutral is then thrown out of the window.  Kiln drying is done by many suppliers to turn around the stock they hold within a 1 – 2 week period so they do not have to hold stock for 12 months or more.  A great business concept but kiln drying requires heat, which the majority of the time produced by burning timber, oil or gas.  This to us seems madness and quite clearly removes any trace of green credentials burning logs would offer.

We have found that with the correct storage and seasoning of timber our logs we sell can reach a moisture content between 15% to 20% which is more than adequate by any customers standards.

Other problems of kiln drying that customers report include:

  • Poor kiln drying resulting in a log dry on the outside and wet inside
  • Logs too dry so they burn far to quickly and can double consumption
  • Logs are a natural product, they can take in moisture as easily as give off moisture when seasoning.  Kiln dried logs below 10% moisture content can take on moisture during a damp winter for example.

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