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Imported Firewood – The Facts

By August 1, 2017No Comments
Generally a high proportion of kiln dried logs now come from Eastern Europe such as Latvia and Lithuania. Did you know that much of this timber  originates from Russia where sustainable forestry management is questionable and its transported through to EU member states then over to the UK. If burning logs is meant to offer green credentials then using imported timber surely is not green!

Generally speaking if the wood is stacked in a wooden crate, or large unlabeled nets stating a volume in ‘litres’ then the firewood is almost certainly imported wood.  Economically using UK timber boosts the UK economy, investment in the foresty industry, creates UK jobs, contributes to the management and replanting of UK woodlands.

Lastly a worrying threat from imported timber is the emerald ash borer beetle, which is a prolific destroyer of ash trees on the continent and North America, has so far been kept at bay on these islands. Logs imported into the UK may be harboring the beetle and could cause devastation to our ash forests, along the same lines that the Dutch Elm disease decimated elm trees here 40 years ago.

Firewood from Delamere Logs is 100% British supported by our accreditation to the Grown in Britain Scheme so the facts above speak for themselves!

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