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LEADER Funding assists growth at Delamere Logs

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At Delamere Logs we are always striving to improve performance and efficiency so we can continue supplying our ever increasing customer base within the North West. We have been supported recently by EU ‘LEADER’ funding which has helped finance hardstanding areas on our timber yard, a firewood storage shed and state of the art timber handling machinery. We are very grateful to the Cheshire LEADER team for their hardwork and support as are our employees!

Did you know…..?

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You can come and have a look at our operation and view the different options of firewood you can purchase from us if you wish.  Give us a call or drop us an email, we would love to show you what we can supply, or if your a small infrequent user of firewood why not call in and pick up some nets of logs, kindling and firelighters.  All are much cheaper than the petrol station or garden centre, guaranteed to be fully seasoned and ready to burn.

Are you buying Russian or Latvian logs?!

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Very few know but if you buy logs stacked in a crate they have all originated from Latvia or Russia! Low timber prices and labour costs in these countries mean that they have the resources to stack logs in crates and ship them over to the UK for resale by merchants.  To us the seems madness, when we as a nation have enough timber to manage our woodlands properly and replant the felled trees. (Something that surely is questionable in other countries).  It is law in the UK that does not allow woodland to be felled and not replanted, all of which is managed by the forestry commission. All our logs are sourced from woodlands within Cheshire and surrounding counties, and to achieve our Grown in Britain status timber is only sourced from managed woodlands meaning those felled are replaced with new trees.

Even though Latvia and Russia may have cheap resources, by the time the timber is shipped to the UK you will find in many cases that our UK stock is better value for money – so its a win win situation, buying British supports our economy, looks after the UK woodlands and is better for your pocket !

Wholesale Supplier of Netted Logs and Kindling

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As the weather turns colder this month with our first frost we have seen a dramatic upturn in sales of our netted logs and sticks to garage and shops in Cheshire for resale.  We can in fact supply netted logs across the UK by pallet courier.  All our logs are fully seasoned ready to burn, huge stocks available for a next day delivery if required urgently.

Wholesale Netted Logs and Kindling

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We can deliver nationwide by pallet courier, any quantity and combination of logs and sticks for our retail customers.  This pallet is off to Yorkshire to a farm shop for resale.  All the logs and kindling are from trees grown in Cheshire, and are dry and ready to burn !  Please get in touch if you would like prices, we would love to hear from you.