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Wholesale Netted Logs and Kindling

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We can deliver nationwide by pallet courier, any quantity and combination of logs and sticks for our retail customers.  This pallet is off to Yorkshire to a farm shop for resale.  All the logs and kindling are from trees grown in Cheshire, and are dry and ready to burn !  Please get in touch if you would like prices, we would love to hear from you.

Seasoned Logs v Kiln Drying – Whats the difference?

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We choose to naturally season our firewood the traditional way by allowing the natural elements and most importantly time to dry our firewood rather than force drying logs in fuel powered ovens (kilns). The end product is exactly the same (dry logs!) its just our process uses significantly less energy. Many consumers are lead to believe that kiln dried logs are the only option.  This is a myth! By naturally seasoning our logs we can still achieve 15% – 20% moisture content firewood.