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A welsh farmer is fined £100,000 for cutting trees down!

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A farmer with an axe to grind has been fined more than £100,000 – for chopping down 200 ancient beech trees in a revenge attack.

Keith Smith, 62, carried out a chainsaw massacre on the 200-year-old hedgerow beeches in protest at a new solar energy plant.

A court heard Smith had rented the farmland and woods in Blackwood, near Caerphilly, South Wales, and wanted to launch a business there.

But the land was bought up by an energy company to install solar panels to generate electricity – and Smith objected to the plans.

So Smith and his two sons took their chainsaws to the land to cut down the trees.

Muhammed Yaqub, prosecuting, said: ‘The land was being used to install solar panels and the company in fact wanted the trees in place as they provided the perfect screening for the panels.

‘Smith had applied to do something on the land and failed to get permission. When the solar company put their own plans in for the solar panels, he objected.

‘He wasn’t able to do what he wanted, and this was a revenge. His attitude was: ‘If I can’t have that land, no one else can.’

Smith, of Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, failed to turn up for the hearing at Newport Magistrates Court.

The court heard if the trees were to be sold as fire wood they would be worth around £52,500.

Smith was charged with illegal felling and fined £105,082 ordered to pay £6,945 in costs.


So the moral to this story is do your homework before cutting trees down! The local forestry commission are always a good point of call if your unsure!

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Grown In Britain Week

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Grown In Britain Week is just around the corner, the organisation responsible for promoting sustainable sourced UK timber for use within the construction, retail and firewood industries.  As a way to help launch the week in style we are offering our 2.6m3 load of fully seasoned UK softwood plus 10 nets of sticks for £165 including local delivery!


If you want to learn more about Grown In Britain visit their website,




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Netted Logs Delivered Nationwide

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Don’t have a log store? Don’t want to be stacking logs, well we have the answer, why not order our pallet of 40 nets of seasoned soft wood logs and 10 nets of sticks plus a pack of fire lighters?

Ideal for occasional users, why not go halves with a neighbour, working out at £3.70/net delivered to your door, its cheaper than buying from a local retailer and you don’t have to leave home!

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